The York Academy of Martial Arts is a family owned and operated traditional school of martial arts, run by dedicated and professional individuals to help people to improve their fitness, confidence and ability to effectively protect themselves through training in Karate and self-defense. Since 1990 we have been THE Martial Arts school to come to in Toronto's Dufferin and Eglinton west area not only because of our emphasis on Fitness, Focus and Fun in class, but also because we prepare students for the challenges of life and help coach them to perform as upstanding contributors to the community.

At our school you will find a positive and friendly group of people doing their best to improve themselves through training in the many aspects of Karate; such as striking, kicking, blocking but also clinch fighting, throws, take-downs and grappling. Being a traditional school you will not find any colored uniforms, children's black belts or high-pressured sales tactics that are present at more 'commercial' clubs nor any of the loud music, over-competitive attitudes or dingy facilities of the 'underground' clubs. What you will find is world-class training in a great facility at a reasonable price.

The fact that all of our black belt instructors are adults and are required to participate in National Coaching Certification Program and Emergency First Aid/CPR training should give you an idea of how serious we are about providing you or your children with the best Karate training experience available. After over 22 years in business we have found a way of instructing that allows everyone from the recreational participant to the competitor, or MMA fan to those whose job requires them to have the daily ability to protect themselves to find what they need here. If ours sounds like the kind of school that you have been looking for, then we would be glad to have you. Come in and try us out for FREE anytime.


Sensei Richard VerlaanMr. Verlaan's Martial Arts experience has been broadened and influenced by the input and feedback from some of the most respected instructors in the world, as well as his training experiences in Canada and abroad including training in Europe, China, Japan, Okinawa, and the U.S. With 25 plus years of teaching experience behind him, one of the things that Mr. Verlaan feels contributes to his success as an instructor is that he still considers himself a student of the martial arts.

He is currently a 7th Dan in Okinawan Goju Ryu and is training under 10th Dan Shihan Tetsunosuke Yasuda Sensei of the Jundokan organization. In addition to his Traditional Karate training Mr.Verlaan has pursued training in Jiu Jitsu with some of the worlds best including Rickson Gracie and Saolo Ribeiro as well as training in Judo, traditional Kobudo (weapons), wrestling, boxing and Tai Chi among other martial arts activities.

As a volunteer he is contributing to the improvement of the instruction of the art of Karate by representing Karate within the Toronto Sports Council and is a member of the Toronto Sports Councils City Wide working group. From his dedication, work ethic, training regimen, continued desire to improve his skills and broaden his experience, it is obvious that he considers it important to lead by example and to try to do his part to improve the standing of the martial arts in North America. That infectious work ethic tends to rub off on all of his students as their successes in Karate and in their personal lives demonstrate.


"My eldest daughter has graduated from college and is pursuing her own business as a photographer. My son has graduated high school and is attending college.

My younger daughter continues to excel in school..."

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Reception Area

York AMA's reception areaFrom the moment you enter our friendly staff will make feel welcome and will be ready to help you to find out more about getting started.

Parent Lounge Area

Parent's lounge areaForget about rainy soccer practices, parents here are welcome to view their childs class via CCTV in the comfort of our parent lounge.

Weight Equipment Area

Weight roomParents and students are able to use our fully equipped weight training room.

Contact Equipment Area

Weight roomOr blow off some steam in our contact equipment room.

Over 7000 sq of Training Areas

Main Training HallWith two training areas and over 7000 sq feet of space,
we are sure you will find our professional facility clean and functional.