Luigi Franchi

I have been involved with the AMA since 1990. Initially, I enrolled my son and then my eldest daughter. The training was extremely helpful in their formative years. They were more focused in their schoolwork and in the development of their self-confidence.

My eldest daughter has graduated from college and is pursuing her own business as a photographer. My son has graduated high school and is attending college.

My younger daughter continues to excel in school. I feel that karate training at the AMA has helped them tremendously. In fact, I also started to train and have seen my performance at work steadily increase. I am more focused on finishing my duties to the best of my abilities. I attribute this rise to my training under Sensei.

All in all, training at the AMA has been an enjoyable experience and continues to be so I would recommend to any parent that they enroll their children and themselves. Keep on training is my motto!

Anne Marie Mawhinney and Peter Malone

When our son Alexander first joined The Academy of Martial Arts 3 years ago, we felt Karate would be a great way for him to stay in shape and learn self defense. We never imagined so much of his education would emphasize confidence and respect as well as physical fitness. We’re very happy with the AMA.

Dale Schroeder

The Tai Chi training has developed my sense of balance. In my physical health, my approach to life’s challenges, and my sense of well being, my ability to be centered is improving as a result. The classes are enjoyable, and always useful. While I am training here and wherever I go, the benefits I have gained here will be something I can draw upon when needed. My gratitude goes to Sensei Verlaan, and everyone at the Dojo, for making this experience possible

David St. Louis

As a youngster growing up, I always wanted to take Karate, but there were never any facilities and even so, I never had the courage to pursue my desire. In February of 1998 however, a good friend of mine suggested that I try out a school at Dufferin and Eglinton (The York Academy of Martial Arts). There was an advertised special for a Three Month trial period, complete with uniform. I decided to go and try it for three months in order to say that I had fulfilled my dream. I remember sitting with a very intimidating, but patient man who explained to me about the “Dojo,” what it stood for and what it was about, who signed me up for the three months. Well, it has been more than three months and I am still at The York Academy of Martial Arts. Karate has become a part of my life, but it is not easy, because sacrifices have to be made in order to succeed. “Nothing is easy, if you want something of value, you must work for it.” The York Academy of Martial Arts has extremely high standards that are part of the training. That is clearly in evidence with the quality of discipline and instruction from Sensei Verlaan to the instruction given by the Black belts. Karate teaches you discipline and self-control and ultimately the training that you do becomes part of all facets of your life if you are willing to let it. I would not change what I have done for anything in the world.

Eric Jason Subesa

There was a time I didn’t like the person looking back at me in the mirror. Then I decided to start training in the martial arts. Since then, Sensei Verlaan helped me regain my confidence And improve my outlook on life. Now I’m happily married with a child on the way. My job performance has also improved and my career goals are back in focus. All that, and I’m in better shape now than I was five years ago. If anyone wants a challenge, training at the York Academy of Martial Arts won’t disappoint.

Huy Phan

As a student who trains for over 2 years at The York Academy of Martial Arts, I have acknowledged many tremendous results and improvement that not only benefit my physical health, but my mental health as well. The place that I train provides many real life scenarios, situations, and experience in the field of self defense, discipline, and physical fitness that can all be applied to the real world when they are needed. This is a good thing to have because it gives me a head start, and be well prepared to respond to any situation/issue that I may come across out in the world. Another benefit that comes from The York Academy of Martial Arts is that I was able to develop many skills that became very useful in my everyday life. Some of these skills that I have developed are the ability to concentrate and focus more, react faster to any physical attacks, and being in more control of my body. These skills are very beneficial because they make you become a better person, more confident, and the ability to fit in the world with an easy feeling of being safe. These kinds of feeling and experiences might seem to good to be true; however anything is possible when you train at The York Academy of Martial Arts, it is a place designed to make you a better person, living in a better life. I strongly recommend this place to everyone who wants to improve themselves, community, and their life because it is it not only gives you many great experiences, and a better life, but it helps you improve yourself far greater than any person can imagine. It is a great place to spend time on, a great place for training, and a great place for improving.

Jamal Muckett-Sobers

My name is Jamal Muckett-Sobers and I’ve been studying the art of Karate for over four years. My journey has taken me from white to purple belt. I have learned different skills to defend myself against bigger people. Karate has taught me how to focus on the task ahead; this focus helps me at the school and also while playing sports. Being a small kid I can say I am now stronger because of the physical training from karate. The demos that I have attended have given me the confidence to perform in front of a crowd. I really love this sport and would recommend Karate for all children.

James Barter

Over the past ten years, I have had that opportunity to train at several different martial arts schools, and feel strongly that The York Academy of Martial Arts is second to none. The Program developed by Sensei Verlaan is well-rounded: it offers the student a phenomenal exposure to the physical aspects of the martial arts, teaches the history and philosophy of the martial arts, as well as placing tremendous emphasis on developing health and character. The students have the opportunity to develop relationships that last a lifetime. The traditional style of teaching at The York Academy of Martial Arts provides a sense of order that is therapeutic and enlightening given the disorder of today’s society.