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Our Philosophy

Strong body, strong mind, strong you. More than a sport or merely a form of combat, at the York AMA our aim is to help every student become more focused, balanced, and prepared through training in traditional Martial Arts. Whether you’re facing stress, old age, boredom or another person, the only way to make the battle easier is to make yourself stronger, and our program can help.


Okinawan Karate is a martial art dedicated to peace through practice. Success is not measured by the colour of your belt or uniform, it is determined by your ability to stick to the path, remain calm, and act humanely in a world engulfed in chaos.

Sensei Richard Verlaan

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Great results demand action. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.

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Our Instructors

Richard Verlaan

Richard Verlaan

7th dan Renshi

Known for his enthusiastic teaching style, Sensei Verlaan is dedicated to helping students become their best.

Caroline Leblanc-Verlaan

Caroline Leblanc-Verlaan

4th dan Sensei

Caroline Leblanc-Verlaan is always positive and eager to share her vast experience


I take taichi class there with my husband. Sensei Verlaan (both of them) are excellent instructors. Unlike many taichi classes that u just follow the movea of th instructor, sensei breaks down the moves and made learning them easy and understandable. Great hidden gem in the area.

Ada M.Y. So

A couple years ago, we decided to enrol our our daughter in karate classes at the York Academy of Martial Arts. She was interested in trying something other than gymnastics or dance, and we are very glad that we started her with the York AMA dojo. The instruction at York AMA is top notch, as students learn important skills, such as drills (blocks, punches, and kicks), rolls/breakfalls, and self-defence. Beyond the physical training, we have noticed that our daughter (now in grade 3), has increased self-confidence and is more disciplined when it comes to completing her homework and other tasks.

Mr Gee

If I could come to every class offered at York AMA, I would. I am enjoying the karate adult classes as well as Taichi, which sets a different pace and state of mind – a nice way to start my Saturdays. The instruction here is top-notch and meticulous. The curriculum rotation covers the main components of karate (basics, kumite, kata, self-defense etc.). There are monthly newsletters with an event calendar and tips for taking care of the mind and body. Most importantly, it’s clear that the instructors and staff care. I leave every class having challenged myself (physically, mentally) and having learned something new.

Phuong-Nghi Pham

Tips & Advice

Life is difficult

Life is difficult

We arrive on Earth, blessed with a human existence, the most formidable and influential being on the planet, but with no clear instructions or even a manual to tell us what to do or how to be. It is left to us to decide, but how?