Kids Karate
Practicing Karate and self-defense is a fun, non-competitive way to break down personal barriers and learn how to be your best.

Martial Arts practice is a fun, non-competitive individual activity that is a great way to get kids off the couch, away from their screens, and into a healthy, disciplined lifestyle. To help kids build fitness and focus, our program combines traditional Karate with practical self-defense, and uses creative drills or games like animal movement relay races and old fashioned tag to make sure training stays fun.

As students work to master the basics, forms, controlled sparring, and self-defense techniques of Karate, they will also be building their confidence, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. To mark progress our program uses a traditional coloured belt system, as well as a tape-stripe system to ensure children are kept encouraged and motivated to master their moves.

Beyond forms and belts, our program also helps keep kids safe by teaching them practical self-defense . Whether threatened by verbal, social, cyber, or physical violence, the skills, drills, and reality based role-plays they go through in class will not only help them to effectively resist the most common types of assault, the calm confidence they gain will likely prevent them from becoming targets in the first place.