Tai Chi Yoga fusion
Combine Tai Chi with Yoga and Pilates for stretching, strengthening and stress relief.

The Tai Chi/ Yoga fusion program at the York Academy of Martial Arts is a great low impact way for adults to meet their individual training goals. The emphasis of this program is on relaxation, stress management, developing flexibility, gaining balance both externally and internally and improving fitness. In addition, students will learn the fundamental applications of the movements performed during Tai Chi practice and push hands drills, which may help them to apply these movements for self-defense purposes.

This program uses breathing and movement exercises and yoga style stretching and Pilates exercises to improve circulation, range of motion, muscular fitness and to promote relaxation. After a 30 minute warm-up, the remainder of the class is dedicated to the study of Tai Chi Chuan which is an ancient form of Chinese Martial arts focusing on the practice of slow controlled movements, and developing the attitude of yielding to rather than resisting the forces which affect us.

Students who practice with us regularly report a greater sense of peace and relaxation as they go through their daily activities. They also indicate that they are healthier, more positive and energetic since they have better perspective and control over the situations that they encounter. If you are ready to get back into or stay in shape and learn an interesting and enriching form of activity, then use the contact us form to find out how you can come in to try us out for FREE!